Friday, 9 October 2009

Vegan MOFO Post #3: In celebration of being cooked for.

When I went vegan, I took for granted that I was sacrificing getting meals cooked for me by other people to a big extent. It kind of goes with the territory. Alot of people see choosing to be vegan as fussy, or deliberately awkward (WRONG!!) and don't know how to adapt their usual kitchen repertoire to cater for non-animal-eaters. I love being cooked for, almost as much as I love cooking for other people. So I have been really surprised and pleased with how much effort people have made for me. Even my dad, who is the UK's second biggest consumer of meat after, what, christmas? has taken a few steps into vegandom to cook for me. Also, my flatmates have all been very supportive, and my boyfriend especially has become a talented veggie cook.

Here is a meal he made for me the other night, which I absolutely LOVED: Fajitas!

It was dark by the time we ate, so this pic is extra crappy. He fried onion, peppers, savoy cabbage and garlic until it was really soft and brown. Then added a can of chick peas and fried for a minute or two more. Then added (about half a cup of?) orange juice. Oh, before that he coatewd everything in cumin, paprika and salt. Then left it to bubble a little while I microwaved the tortillas.

We ate them covered in hummous and ate them very very quickly. They were delicious, and tasted really health-ful. Mm.

I'm lucky to have people around who think being vegan is cool. Or at least not weird and gross.

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Orange Juice eh?? Interesting...