Monday, 25 January 2010

Espresso Chip Oatmeal Cookies

More proof that I am of the best sort of flatmate. These cookies were not just great, they were Super-Great. I made a half batch of them to take to the pub with us when we went to meet a friend I havent seen for a while. Everyone who tried one said they were incredibly tasty. Great recipe!

Almond Pancakes

I am such a pro at making pancakes, and I am so despicably smug about it, that I feel no shame in telling you that I dont even measure when I make pancakes. Thats right. (As I type, I have a self-satisfied grin on my face. You know the one...its the kind of grin that makes people hate you. For good reason.) Okay, sometimes I end up with what looks like a fried scone, and other times I end up with fried soymilk with a dusting of flour. But whatever. These pancakes turned out great!

I added a tiny bit (1/4 tsp maybe) of almond extract to the batter, and then poured out the pancakes into the pan as usual. Then I sprinkled the wet side with almond meal and flaked almonds before I flipped it. And they were even more amazing than my pancakes usually are. If I become any more of a smugger I think I will explode.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

YUM. And so easy to make - they cooked in 6 minutes...I would have put a modest amount of money on that being a typo, but I would have lost that modest amount of money. These were good, and although the baking soda gave them a bit of a funny taste (its kind of old) they didnt hang around for long.

Veganomicon Food

Here we have Chickpeas Romanesco and lemony baked potatoes. Terrible picture, but the food was AMAZING.

I cooked for me, my boyfriend, and flatmate 4, and it was really, really good. And best of all, it was different from the things I usually cook. Definitely going to make this again. I was a little sceptical about the almond meal in the sauce, but it was delicious.

Friday, 8 January 2010

The joy of NEW, FREE cookbooks

Well, free might be a slight an effort to Get Rich Quick in my first summer break at uni, I signed up to do surveys on the internet. The surveys trickled in ever so slowly, earning 25p here, and 10p there. Fast forward over two years, and I am not rich, and it certainly wasnt quick, but today I got a £20 amazon gift voucher as recompense for my time and trouble! So I immediately put in an order for two things I have been lusting after, but unable to justify buying - Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and Veganomicon. I am incredibly excited! VWAV and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World are my two favourite cookbooks (believe the hype) and amazon says I will have their companions in under a week. I am going to celebrate by eating one of the second batch of apricot-glazed almond cupcakes and drinking a big mug of coffee (I have been baking like a madwoman). Life is sweet!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Crimson Velveteen Cupcakes

I told you there would be more! TO celebrate and further welcome my new cupcake pan to my home, I made these Crimson Velveteen Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World...I love this book more than I love most things. These cakes were easy to put together, quick to bake, and while they squidged a little, they rose well overall and kept their shape. I put buttercream vanilla icing on top and then spprinkled with flaked almonds for decoration.

I have never eaten a Red Velvet cupcake, or even heard of one. Maybe theyre not a UK thing? So I was a little dubious about the colour, but I liked the look of them once they'd cooked. And the taste is good - not too chocolatey, not too almondy, not too anything. But yummy.

(I took photos, but blogger is being broke, Ill add them later)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Almond Apricot Cupcakes

So, long time no update. I have not been in the kitchen much, and I have been eating alot of things from packets that need only boiling water to become 'food' - nothing to write home about. But I am meaning to cook more and eat better, and today I found the perfect cupcake tray for £1.50 in the newsagent near my house, so I have been baking! This tray is seriously perfect, and I was sad that they did not have another one, so for now I can only make six cupcakes at a time. The tin I had before didnt really support the cupcake case enough so it spread out and collapsed. Still yummy, but not cupcakes.

I wanted to make something Battenburgy, so I looked up 'almonds' in the index of VCTOTW, and I came up with Apricot Glazed Almond Cupcakes. I made six cupcakes, and I put the other half of the batch into a loaf tin to make a bigger cake. The cupcakes turned out PERFECTLY, springy, moist, light, with the apricot glaze and gooey preserve inside - seriously good.

The loaf cake was fully cooked in 25 minutes, which I was impressed with. It turned out perfect too, as my housemates can verify.

I am definitely 100% going to be making these again. And there will be more cupcakes coming up new cupcake pan is that good. Result!