Monday, 26 January 2009

Chai Latte Cupcakes

These were mental. I didn't have plain soya yogurt, so I used a peach alpro, and they turned out really really well. The peach overpowered the chai a bit, I thought, so next time I'll endeavour to follow the recipe. Also, I made up a normal icing glaze rather than just sifting sugar over the top. They were great though!

As you can see, I think I'll need alot of practice before I manage to ice anything nicely.

In other news, I discovered how not to make soup. I put a potato, a cabbage, a stock cube, and a tablespoon of Mayola! into a blender, then heated it. It looked amazing (well, luminous anyway) but tasted disgusting. My flatmates loved it, but it was seriously the worst thing I have made in months.

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Tara said...

These are so pretty! The chai cupcakes are one of my favorite recipes from VCTOTW.