Saturday, 6 December 2008

Dinner and photographs

First off, catch-up photos. Here is the stew, in my big green soufrier. I was given it by my granmother as a going to university present, and I was sceptical about the chance of it getting used. For the first year I didn't touch it, except when the bathwater heater broke and I needed to heat up water on the stove. It got a little bit more use in the second year. Now I use it all the time (or whenever I want to make mass amounts of food). These photos are particularly crap quality, but they're still nice to look at.
I took photographs of yesterday's dinner because I was confused and delighted by it. It was a quick leftover meal because I was studying, and I felt like I needed to eat some more veg. So I had bolognese sauce, peas and potatoes with sunflower butter, and a pitta bread stuffed with grated parsnip and carrot with a hoummus, lemon and soy sauce dressing. It was a strange but delicious meal.

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Jenn said...

Glad you're using the stew pot for more than bathwater! Looks good.