Saturday, 15 August 2009


Of late I have become pretty...I don't know, maybe apathetic or something like it. I feel pretty disconnected, maybe less passionate, and I want to remedy that. I am at my happiest, I think, when I feel active, and involved, and like I'm part of a bigger cause. So I'm going to make some resolutions to right some of the things I'm doing wrong.

1. I am going to give up drinking pop for (at least) one week, starting today.
2. I am going to cook something fresh and delicious every day for (at least) one week, starting today.
3. I am going to do something creative every day for (at least) one week, starting today.
4. I am going to read more on the issues I am interested in.
5. I am going to post here twice a week for (at least) one month, starting today.

Maybe I've just gotten lazy of late. Hopefully this will give me a kick up the bum, and get me going.

In food related news, I had the BEST salad for lunch. I had lettuce and grated carrot, with fried red onions, pumpkin seeds and apple slices, all with balsamic vinegar, hummous and pitta bread. It was delish!

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